Recent Projects

Below is a list of some projects that we have recently completed to showcase the range and depth of the results of our solutions. This list changes over time so if you are interested in a solution that isn't mentioned below just reach out via the form at the bottom of the page and we can provide a more direct result that relates to your project for a reference.

R-O Construction

A leader and innovator in commercial construction, we partnered with R-O to develop multiple internal systems to help manage their company data and centralize valuable business processes.  A few systems that were developed are:

  • Marketing Site CMS
  • Trade Partner Pre-Qualification Portal
  • Client Project Portal
  • Wellness Portal
  • Data Bridge Systems for Data Sync
  • Online Careers System Module
  • System Login Redirect Module

All the systems developed for R-O has increased company efficiency within the various departments and continue to help make company data more accessible for an overall improvement in analysis and strategic decisions to support company growth.

Hanshaw Kennedy Hafen Law

A multi-practice law firm that has a long track record of success and excellence in Texas has been a great partner to showcase all four categories of focus for our solutions.

What started as just a need to improve and gain better exposure with their online presence quickly elevated into strategy development and competitor analysis to find the best path to support growth and brand awareness.  Now we manage three uniquely branded sites for the firm and all digital and print marketing initiatives to support the firm’s growth.  Additionally, there was a need for an internal file portal that needed to meet a specific set of parameters that we developed and is used by the attorneys and clients for secure file delivery for case discovery.

From strategy, design, develop and security, HKH has utilized all aspects of our solutions in one way or another and we are privileged to be able to see and support the firm’s growth over the past years.

Eurosport Automotive

Since 1997, Eurosport has been a trusted shop for European and luxury car services.  We came in to help optimize marketing spending and move the brand forward with a newly refreshed website and online branding initiatives.

Our solutions included the following services that has resulted in over 20% of new customer acquisition growth, year over year, and a decrease in annual marketing spending by over 65%.

  • Refreshed Brand Identity
  • New Marketing Website
  • Online Scheduling Portal
  • Automated Customer Quote Approval System
  • Competitor & Market Research
  • ROI Analysis
  • Marketing Planning
  • Online Business Listings Management
  • Reputation & Review Management

BMR Pool & Patio

BMR has stood for a standard of excellence and cutting-edge pool and patio services in DFW since 1988.  We partnered with BMR to help bring their internal operations and IT infrastructure to a more mobile-friendly and virtualized solution.

Through our IT & Network strategic solution, BMR moved to an infrastructure that now allows their entire company to run remotely and the custom internal Cloud-Based system solutions that we developed has saved the company six figures annually in mistakes and oversights in their sales process and construction operations.

BMR has been an excellent partner and is a prime showcase of how our Strategic and Develop Solutions can not only support growth but save a company money through technology and development.

Above The Rest

ATR is not just about teaching basketball at an elite level, it is a mentality for life to never settle but exceed expectations by pushing yourself above the rest.  We were privileged to be able to partner with ATR to make their online marketing presence and brand identity come to life.

In addition to a new marketing website, ATR needed a way to sell their products online and through our Strategic solutions, we implemented a cost-effective e-commerce platform so product margins could stay intact.

AWB System

A software company that provides the simplest and first of its kind, cloud-based customizable pricing program for the pool and patio industry needed a partner to bring their dream to a reality.  We were able to utilize the following solutions to build their business that is revolutionizing their industry:

  • Business Strategy Development
  • Competitor & Market Research
  • Project Scoping
  • Marketing Planning
  • UI/UX Web Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Marketing Website Development
  • Cloud-Based System Development
  • Data Management & Migration
  • API Development
  • Server Administration
  • Data Redundancy Management
  • 3rd Party Security Protocol Audits (PCI, HIPAA, SOX1/2, etc)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Server Security
  • Website Security
  • Active System Monitoring

Metrocare Dental Plans

Dental discount programs are not a new thing, but MetroCare Dental was birthed out of the concept of a directly integrated discount plan for dental offices in the DFW.  Our partnership started with the initial cloud-based system development to allow registrations, management, and support of their members.  As the platform membership grew, we were there to support them in their system needs and marketing website.

Now MetroCare Dental is being integrated into the dental offices outside of Texas and has grown year over year in revenue.  A few of the main solutions that were provided that were vital to the platform’s creation and success are:

  • UI/UX Web Design
  • Marketing Website Development
  • Cloud-Based System Development
  • Data Management & Migration
  • 3rd Party Security Protocol Audits (PCI, HIPAA, SOX1/2, etc.)
  • Website Security
  • Data Breach Support
  • Active System Monitoring

JPI Construction

A top tier construction developer in the multi-family industry, JPI has a long record of exceptional community projects for over 30 years.  Our partnership included developing cloud-based systems to help enhance and optimize internal business processes.  A few systems that were developed are:

  • Automated Reimbursement Portal
  • Trade Partner Pre-Qualification Portal
  • Trade Partner Lookup Portal

We are proud to be able to implement develop solutions at JPI to solve everyday operation problems that can have a compounded cost effect on any company.